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FSC’s December events 2022

Maija Lindeman|Dec 2, 2022

Changing laws to make legal tech accessible to all

Aku Pöllänen|Nov 24, 2022

Anni Lehti to be responsible for the communications of the Finnish startup community

Anni Lehti|Nov 21, 2022

Future of gaming industry is inclusive. Esports are becoming more mainstream bringing gaming to wider audiences

Youssef Zad|Sep 2, 2022

Economist's Outlook

Youssef Zad|Aug 12, 2022

A Member Affairs Expert Joins The Finnish Startup Community Team

Jan Erola|Aug 10, 2022

Finnish Growth Companies: Business subsidies should be reallocated to research and development

Jan Erola|Aug 4, 2022

Minister Li Andersson: Startups strengthen Finland's global impact

Jan Erola|May 18, 2022

Towards a sustainable platform economy

Olli Koski|May 13, 2022

Message from the President of the Republic of Finland to our Community

Anna Brchisky|May 6, 2022

Analysis on the results of the Startup barometer - Q2/2022

Youssef Zad|May 5, 2022

Talent Shortage Is Getting Worse In Finnish Startups, But Confidence In Growth Remains Strong

Youssef Zad|May 5, 2022

Finnish Startup Community's goals for the next governmental program: crypto legislation, platform economy and climate startups

Anna Brchisky|Apr 21, 2022

Finnish Startup Community’s member companies are growing exponentially

Youssef Zad|Apr 12, 2022

Research and Development investments towards four percent of GDP

Youssef Zad|Apr 6, 2022

The games industry needs new expertise, not just new talent

Mika Tammenkoski|Apr 3, 2022

Work-based migration is a key solution for an aging population

Youssef Zad|Mar 29, 2022

How to find your place in Finland as an international talent

Anna Brchisky|Feb 14, 2022

Building blocks for the next era of the welfare state

Riikka Pakarinen|Nov 30, 2021

Winning the international competition for top talent is a team sport

Kaisa Salakka|Nov 30, 2021

“What’s the worst that could happen?” - Reflecting back on 15 years in Finland

Drussila Hollanda|Nov 29, 2021

Goodbye academia – and welcome science-based startups

Svante Henriksson|Nov 29, 2021

“We are really tackling a major problem here”

Aaro Isosaari|Nov 29, 2021