Statistics from Finnish startup-ecosystem


FSC members Q1-2023

4 000

Estimated number of startups in Finland

5 000

Employees in FSC members

29 000

Employees in all startups in Finland

The Finnish Startup Community consists of investors and startup companies.

The members operate in different sectors, but innovative activities unite them all. On this page, we gather statistical information about Finnish startup companies and members of the Finnish startup community.

FSC members are aiming to generate 10 billion euros in revenue by the year 2030.

Currently, we are on track to reach our goals

The startup ecosystem in Finland has an increasing impact on the welfare state

Our members employ an increasing amount of workers and generate a significant amount of income for people

Finnish startups attract investments at an increasing pace. Investments are an important mechanism to boost the growth of startups.

FSC produces a quarterly barometer survey. The Barometer provides a snapshot of the startup ecosystem in Finland.

In the survey, we ask about the company's perception of its financial situation, the number of employees, and the surrounding economic situation. For each area, opinions are sought for the past and next three months.

Thus, the Barometer has six different questions. From each question, a balance figure is calculated, reflecting the sentiment of startup companies. The balance figure can range from -100 to +100. If the balance figure is greater than zero, it means that the proportion of positive responses is higher compared to the proportion of negative responses.

What kind of public policies would help startups to grow in Finland?

According to our survey's latest data, the availability of skilled workers is paramount.