Why should you join Finnish Startup Community?

We are currently a group of 230 companies forming a strong community within the startup ecosystem

Together we can benefit the whole of Finland by making it the best place in the world to build and cultivate startups.

But how can we benefit you?

  • Exposure to a thriving and inspiring community of members
  • New connections to like-minded people and networking
  • Frequent formal and less formal meetings with politicians and key decision-makers
  • Access to community-driven education focusing on important topics such as IPOs, successful funding rounds, and managing talent
  • Peer-to-peer support to overcome challenges
  • Ability to shape better public policy for the startup ecosystem
  • Epic community events such as Padel tournaments and yearly startup-gala
Join us

Who can join?

We accept ambitious and international-minded startups, growth companies, and investors as our members. All membership fees are based on the stage and size of the company. Read more about our membership fees from the link below:
Membership fees

Finnish Startup Community acts as the central voice for the startup ecosystem.

We work together as a community to help decision-makers to implement smart policies that help startups and brings economic prosperity. In addition, our community aims to reinforce the cooperation between startups. Our members have helped each other out, found new ideas, and improved their companies’ course of action.

More members for the startup community leads to more resources for our work, which leads to better policies for startups. Ultimately, we are aiming to supercharge the next years of economic growth and prosperity.

Youssef Zad, economist of the Finnish Startup Community
Youssef Zad