2. joulukuuta 2022

FSC’s December events 2002


Welcome to the December events of the Finnish Startup Community!

Event: How to hire effectively?

Date: 13 December 2022

Time: 2 PM–3 PM

Welcome to FSC’s much-awaited two-part knowledge-sharing session on hiring effectively and letting go with empathy. We are happy to bring you a real-life case example by Wolt’s VP of People Matti-Esko Seppä.

During the first session, Matti-Esko will give you practical examples on how to build an effective recruiting strategy in different growth stages. We’ve reserved plenty of time for discussion, where you are welcome to ask questions and share your thoughts. Session will be organized remotely.

During the session, we will be going through themes such as:

  • What is a recruitment process like for a scale-up?
  • How to ensure quality in hiring during fast ramp-ups
  • How to evaluate which positions need to be filled and in what order i.e. how to start to do headcount planning and forecasting?
All the events are for our members. We will send the registration invitation by e-mail.

Maija Lindeman

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