Our mission is to make Finland the best place in the world to build and cultivate startups

Finnish Startup Community is a community of more than 240 Finnish growth companies and startups. We both bring entrepreneurs together to learn from each other and drive important issues for startups forward in Finland.

We are an active community of startup entrepreneurs

Our community activity is built around events and member communications. We organize internal membership events for the members of our community on a weekly basis. The topics of the events always vary according to the wishes of our members, from current affairs to more specific topics related to building and growing startups. The members of our community also engage in active discussion on internal channels on a daily basis. We also maintain communication with our community through a monthly membership newsletter, in which we update the progress of our advocacy work, discuss current topics, and share all upcoming events.

The community accepts ambitious and international-minded startups, growth companies and investors as our members. All membership fees are based on the stage and size of the company.

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Our goal is to make Finland the best place in the world

We are in constant contact with Finnish and European decision-makers in order to promote the growth environment of Finnish startups, and we share current information about the development of the Finnish startup field with those who are interested in it.
We think that startups will become a new pillar for the economy and society. We believe that by the year 2030, the value of exports created by startups has increased from the current 2 billion to 10 billion euros. This is our most conservative estimate, and even it would bring the startup industry to the same ballpark as the forest and metal industries. What we want is that in the future, a major portion of the world’s leading technology companies is from Finland.
Our community has two main focus areas. First, we want to have a positive impact on our society by making sure Finland becomes the best environment in the world to build and cultivate startups. Second, our community aims to reinforce the cooperation between startups. Our members have helped each other out, found new ideas, and improved their companies’ course of action. We believe in positive collaboration, and this is visible in both our internal and external activities.

The community is backed by a strong team and board

The Finnish Startup Community is a registered association whose work is funded by membership fees. The community has a CEO and four team members who aim to build public debate around startups, create and analyze new startup data, and organize events relevant to the community members. In addition, the community uses external experts, e.g. promoting legislative projects.
The activities of the community are directed by an active board consisting of representatives elected by the members. The board members are widely committed to advancing the goals of the community. The current members of the Board are Timo Ahopelto from Lifeline Ventures (COB), Ilkka Paananen from Supercell, Suvi Haimi from Sulapac, Ilkka Kivimäki from Maki.vc, Miki Kuusi from Wolt and Anna-Maria Henell from Disior.

Startup History Timeline a.k.a the Crazy Decade of Finnish Startups


New school of entrepreneurial thought

Nokia's chief executive, Stephen Elop, infamously warned the staff that the company was 'standing on a burning platform.' Soon after, Nokia's glory days began to fade. Many crucial things took place in the wake of the mobile giant's decline. Nokia's Bridge Program helped its former employees become startup entrepreneurs, and the brand new Aalto University initiated a merger of business, technology, and design, establishing a melting pot for a new school of entrepreneurial thought. Also, Supercell was founded in 2010.